Log Cabin

I am planning some log cabin Saturdays. One each month so anyone can make their log cabin quilt using any of the Creative Grid log cabin rulers.
( pineapple log cabin, curvy log cabin, 8″ log cabin, or the 6 or 12″ log cabin )

The first one will be June 20th. Sign up so you don’t miss out. This is a super easy way to make log cabin quilts of any sort.

This Saturday will take the place of All Day Sew and will be from 10am to 3pm. It is a bring your lunch day.
The cost is $20.00.

Full Size Classroom


This is a full-service sewing store with all the things a quilter or clothing sewing enthusiast needs to get going, or keep going.

We have quilting fabrics, clothing fabrics, upholstery, fleece, flannel. Many sewing accessories such as rulers, needles, buttons, cutting devices, specialty tools, patterns, etc.

There are services available, such as machine quilting, clothing repair, and always good advice on sewing projects.