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Beautiful Quilt Shelly Won from the Stash

Shelly came in today, to get the quilt she won for the November drawing. It looks great on her new recliner.

Pet Beds For Local Animal Shelter

December 4th Four very dedicated volunteers made 45 pet beds today for Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield. Thank you all! These should help keep the cats and dogs a little warmer this winter.


Minnie Mouse Costume

minnie-mouseLaurel’s Grand-daughter’s Halloween costume. How adorable.

Abby’s Trick or Treat Bag

14329967_10153685837012330_5499812050570336423_nAbby finished her trick or treat bag today! She used reflective tape , so that is what is glowing from the flash of the camera.

Natalie’s EXQUISITE Quilt


Linda’s Beautiful Quilt

linda-quiltLinda finished this beautiful quilt that she was commissioned to make. Brenda quilted it and now it is on it’s way to it’s owner.

Sam’s Fabulous Bag


Kathryn’s Block Quilt


Kathryn completed her block of the month quilt.

Beverly’s Granddaughter’s New Quilt


Beverly made this quilt top for her granddaughter.

Ruth’s Quilt


Ruth finished piecing this top this afternoon. It is for her sister.

Gloria’s Basket Quilt

Gloria finished her basket quilt which was made using a fusible grid for the squares.

Holley’s New Creative Quilt


Holley found a picture of this piano quilt and used the Creative grid log cabin rulers to make her version. Holley always likes to try new things.

Beverly’s Beautiful Bag.


Cheryl’s Quilt


Cheryl’s door quilt pieces


Kathryn Starry Quilt


Kathryn finished her quilt as you go , Stripy star quilt.

Phyllis’s Blue Star Quilt

Phyllis finished her star quilt. What a beautiful quilt.

Jenn’s Quilt


Maureen’s Quilt


Linda’s Quilt


Camille’s Quilt


Holley’s Quilt

Holley quilt

Michelle’s Halloween Log Cabin

Halloween log cabin

Michelle’s latest log cabin. She has finished the center of the quilt. I love the Halloween fabrics.

Second Chance Animal Shelter Community Service Project

second chance 0

Many hands make light work. We made 101 animal beds today with the help of many generous people. We received donations from Sharon D, Ann M, Sturbridge quilting and sewing, Shelly M, Colleen L, Rita B, Jane C, and Becky S. Becky also helped cut so we could just start sewing today. Today our helpers were : Sally M, Patty D, Holley J, Rita B, Stacey D, Cassandra H and Eddi P. We were joined by the girl scouts from Leicester, MA and their sister city Leicester England. From Leicester MA: Aleksy G, Amelia M, Morgan E, Alyssa D, Lisa M, Dawn E, and Kate M. From Leicester England: Bethany L, Ella M, Charlotte P, Taryn P, Lucy S, Kairna S, Megan T, and Laura C. This was a very helpful group of girl scouts to work with. Thank you all for all of your help. We made many more beds than I had even hoped for.

second chance

All of us at SCAS would like to thank everyone at The Fabric Stash for sewing and donating 101 cat and dog beds!! These amazing beds will now be going home with each adopted dog and cat to get them started on the right foot in their new homes! What an amazing gift! Thank you for all the hard work and heart you put into these beautiful beds!

Quilts for NIC Unit at UMass Memorial

PicMonkey CollageThese quilts are from our sew-in session on July 10, 2016. We have 26 to send to the NIC unit at UMass Memorial. As I said before, we collect quilts all year for them. Thank you. A very big thank you for all the help we got on July 10, and to everyone who has continued to help.

Colorful Tea Towels

tea towels

Today’s class was coloring with crayons on fabric. We made tea towels. They can be embellished with embroidery if desired. Kathy, Maureen, and Rene all finished!

Laurel’s Log Cabin Quilt


I just finished another log cabin. This time I used the regular 6″ log cabin ruler from Creative Grid. Then I added another round and used the 8″ ruler to square up the blocks, so there is a fourth round on these. I also only used colored fabric…no light / white.

Beverly T. Mystery Scrap Quilt


Beverly T. is nearly done with her mystery scrap quilt

Log Cabin Basket by Debbie N.


Made using the 8″ curvy logcabin ruler by creative grid.

Gabriel’s First Project


Gabriel’s first project. She made the bag at the Fabric Stash and embellished it with her aunt at their sleepover.

Cassandra’s New Dress


Debbie’s Curvy Log Cabin Basket

Debbie Quilt

Debbie finished her curvy log cabin basket from last month. I love the flowers and table she added. If you lift the table cloth there is a pedestal under it. Debbie loves her details!

Charla’s Quilt


Two new borders on Charla’s quilt

Laurel’s Curvy Log Cabin Quilt

curvy quilt

Laurel finished piecing her curvy log cabin quilt. She used the 6″ ruler by Creative Grid. These rulers make it sooooo easy to piece the log cabin block.

Samantha’s New Skirt

sam skirt

Samantha made this cute skirt in sewing class. Next week she will make one for her doll!!

Samantha’s Table Runner

samSamantha finished a table runner for her Mom!!

Abby’s Pillow Case

abbyAbby finished one of two pillowcases.

Clara’s Log Cabin Table Runner

2016-05-21 16.10.11

Clara finished piecing her log cabin table runner at class yesterday.

Ruth’s Batik Curvy Log Cabin Quilt

Ruth curvy log cabin

Ruth’s batik curvy log cabin quilt, made with the 6″ curvy log cabin ruler by Creative Grid.

Kathy’s Star Quilt


Mystery Quilts

mystery quilt another mystery quilt

Mystery Quilts from Purity Spring Resort – Quilt Getaway

Iris’s Curvy Cabin Quilt

curvy log

Iris finished this curvy log cabin quilt at Purity Spring Resort during the quilt getaway. She used two jelly rolls plus white background.

Laurel’s 8″ Log Cabin Quilt

center of my log cabin

Laurel just finished the center of her log cabin quilt, using the 8″ log cabin ruler by Creative Grid. Right now it measures 96″ square. I am adding an all dark log cabin border which will bring the measurement to 112″ x 112″. You might think I was Harriette with this measurement.

Camille Curvy Log Cabin


Camille used the creative grid curvy ruler with scraps from her collection to complete this quilt.

Holley’s Mystery Quilt

holley's mystery 2

Abby’s New Bag

abby purseAbby finished her second zippered bag, yeah Abby!

Holley’s Valentine Decor

2016-02-13 15.09.53

Michelle Harris’s Rug


Michelle had finished this rug but was not happy with the way it came out, so she unlaced it and added the stripes of black to define the bands of color. She did not unbraid the color, so it had to be butted to the black. Michelle said she wouldn’t recommend doing a rug this way. If you are not happy with the rug at any point, take it out then, don’t keep going. It isn’t going to get any better.

Brenda’s new confetti rug


I love the way this is done. It is a great way to use small amounts of wool.

Holly’s newest rug


This will be a long runner for the hallway.

Stack n Whack Quilt


Beverly’s stack n whack quilt started before Fabric Stash moved. It is finished!

Beautiful Serger Swing Coat


Grace and Debbie’s jackets made in Eddi’s serger class.

Charla’s Quilt


The beginning of Charla’s quilt. She needs to add a few more borders because she wants it to fit her bed.

Michelle’s Rug


Michelle Harris has finished her  first rectangle rug to match her oval rug. It is beautiful!

Fall Table Topper

CdGhZmyiw0uPA2sRnmDYc_Vdv6cqJ4kIpU_8vJ3BZrARita’s festive Fall table topper.

Log Cabin Quilt

IExwfVnXh2uIDXL9Z5fgvd_wVVIsy4j0RqWk_p0J9c8Marena is almost done with her second Log Cabin Quilt. 

Beautiful Log Cabin Quilt

_eV__xJVruXYGkk3Hy4HMncZ1fXtiIiOZC9QXXgRqKQMichelle Harris beautiful Log Cabin Quilt.

Charla’s Christmas gifts

10524731_10153118884342330_6206853847503477101_nCharla finished two projects today! She has been so busy making Christmas presents. Her family and friends will be so lucky.

Table Runner and Topper

table runner

Maureen made both the table runner and table topper today in class. Start to finish! Can you believe it!

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Christmas Stocking

slone stocking

Slone’s Christmas Stocking. Everyone needs a Stocking 🙂

Counting down to Christmas

count down to christmasHow cute is this to countdown to Christmas?

Christmas Trees


Holley made these beautiful trees for her daughter and friends so they can have a little Christmas in their dorm room.

Holley’s Christmas Quilt

Holley quilt

Holley made a beautiful quilt, it is from cut loose press and uses the regular and curvy log cabin rulers from creative grid.


Children’s Class

Children's class

All the Projects finished today at Children’s class. Many bags and a cuddle soft pillowcase.