Machine Quilting

To have your quilt finished for Christmas, they must be brought to us by October 1st

Current Turn-Around Time: 10 Weeks


Brenda B.

Brenda Bergdoll


The Fabric Stash’s quilt finishing service is run by Brenda Bergdoll, who is the Professional Machine Quilting Artist here. Brenda has ten years of experience using long-arm quilting machines at this store, putting finishing touches on many thousands of quilts here. She has gathered much loyalty and friendship from customers who are often over-joyed with the good results Brenda added to their quilts.

Over these past years of producing and learning, Brenda has mastered these important aspects of machine quilting:

Move the machine with precision (straight lines and smooth curves) Draw the patterns with accuracy (including complex/difficult ones) Produce artwork that is consistently great, and satisfies the customer’s expectations and needs.

Brenda takes all the details very seriously and makes sure the outcome is what the customer is looking for. The wonderful stitching that she does, will satisfy any quilter’s – desire to have someone who cares about the quality going onto their personal work. This Long-Arm Machine Quilting Service is most convenient for New England and Massachusetts residence, but we’ve had quilts sent in from California and Hawaii because the people came to appreciate the reliability of good quilting from Brenda Bergdoll.

Machine Quilting Fee List for various size and designed quilts.

Many of our customers come for Machine Quilting from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York (All over New England!)


Massachusetts Machine Quilting Service (Central Massachusetts Location) , but serving all over the United States (send us your quilt!)

4 comments on “Machine Quilting
  1. Sallie Martz says:

    I would like to drop a quilt off for Brenda. Maybe the week of June 16. Will Brenda be available to talk to ? If so what is a good time for her? Looking forward to having another quilt done by her.

    Sallie Martz

  2. Colleen Bishop says:

    Brenda is a master machine quilter! No one is better!!

  3. Brenda bergdoll says:

    Hello, this is Brenda. I will be here that week, between the hours of 9:30-3:30. Thank you

  4. Leah Root says:

    Hi Brenda,

    I want to drop off a quilt Thursday the 17th in the later afternoon – will you be around?

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